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Write for us however, our primary aim for askmebusiness.com is to provide the readers with enriching information that is practical at the same time.

To achieve this aim, we fully understand that we cannot do it all alone (really, no man is an island of knowledge)

That is why we have created an avenue for contributors and writers to come on board and follow us on the journey to achieve the aim of askmebusiness.com

What is there to gain if you write for us on askmebusiness.com?

For one thing, our platform has the capacity to showcase the expertise and knowledge that you might have acquired, and readers have an idea; which ultimately gives you the credibility you deserve.

Also, if you’re a budding writer, askmehow.com gives you the chance to build yourself as far as writing skills are concerned, and receive exposure to the other writing projects you might have through the back links we’ll give to you.

Here Are a Few of Our Guidelines

  • For now, the topics we focus on are Entrepreneurship, Motivation, Personal development, and Success. We, therefore, prefer articles that are within these topics.
  • As a standard, we want our articles to be informative, interesting, a little personal but not too much, and positive. The articles should be 1000 words on the minimum.
  • We want to help our readers grow and feel inspired. So, using long quotes and speeches for the bulk of your point or information is not something we are encouraging, this is to reduce the occurrence of plagiarism.
  • Our editors take care of the final formatting, kindly limit the formatting of your article when submitting. Plain text is most preferred.
  • Ensure to proofread your articles adequately, the less grammatical errors, the better for all of us.
  • Using images is not required but is recommended. Our formatting team usually chooses what image to put as the featured image of an article.

However, if you want to submit a featured image with your article, please attach it to the email.

We may or may not use the image you submit with the article; that will be by the discretion of our editors

  • We recommend adding other internal links (no more than four) to existing articles on Askmehow.com if and whenever possible.
  • We do not promote guest contributors’ websites, products, or services in the body of the article. Our focus is to provide our readers with practical advice, not just to promote products and services.
  • We do allow you to provide 1 link within the body of the article to articles you have written on your website.

The link will be reviewed and if the editors feel the link would be off not in the finished work, they do have the right to remove them. Links that you submit in your article are not guaranteed to be used in the final work

Bear in mind, the editor reserves the right to choose what article is to be linked.

  • Already published content is expressly forbidden.
  • Submit your work in Word format, PDF and HTML format document cannot be read by us.

If you do submit a work that isn’t in Word format, we might ask you to convert it to Word format, but that takes away from the editor’s time.

If you have read, and completely agreed to our guidelines, then kindly send the following:

  • Short paragraph for your author bio with your first and last name. You can include website or blog links to your bio if you have them, but they are limited to two.

Then kindly send your article to info@askmebusiness.com with the subject line: “Article For askmebusiness.com” with all of the above information in the body of the email or preferably in a google doc. – Write For Us Once Again

We would review it within 48 hours, and get back to you with a reply.

Thank you and we look forward to publishing your contents the soonest!

You Can Always Write For Us!!!