Online Loan Apps That Will Give You Quick Loan in Nigeria

We have all come a long way, and a lot of things have been made better; even now, there are online loan apps you can try out in 2020. Never more do you have to be at the mercy of banks for loans.

When we consider the amount of people whom require (some more desperate than the others) loans for their business or whatever obligations they’ve got, it is realised that there is a need to make things easier for them.

Which is why we’ve got Online Loan Websites you can check out now, as well as downloadable apps you can have that would make loan application and access a lot easier that it ever was.

The icing on the cake is that you do not need collateral, like banks would ask for; this is a godsend for people who wish to collect any type of loan without having to worry about what to drop as collateral.

I would be listing out some of the most common and best loan apps you can download on your device and start using.


Branch - Online Loan Apps

This is one of the most common loan apps there are on the app marketplace right now, and that’s because of how easy it works.

They’ve also got a stellar track record, having disbursed N1 billion in the form of over 100,000 loans; this happened in just a year of operation. Impressive.

They have positive reviews in the App Store, as well as 1 million+ installs; this is not a run-of-the-mill loan app.

To start using the Branch loan app, download it and register; a lot of people can attest to the fact that the registration process takes very short time. After registration, it is a simple case of applying for the loan, and receive it in your bank account almost immediately.

The repayment process is also spread comprehensively; it is usually spread across 4 weeks and you have the option to pay every week within that period. Easy.

Branch loan app is arguably one of the easiest loan app to use, and it is especially fit for people whom need personal loans as fast as they can get it.


This loan app has bit of history and that adds to its credibility; it used to be known as Paylater, and people who used it back then have mostly positive remarks about it.

Now it is known as Carbon and it is still every bit as good as they were as Paylater. The speed at which they have loans disbursed is quite commendable.

Carbon - Loan Apps Paylater

Download Carbon on the Play Store, and start with the registrations; this would entail providing core details about you, as well as others such as BVN, Income statement, and employment status.

Another thing the Carbon loan app has is security; while you might be worried about how much sensitive info you have to give to apply for a loan with them, you don’t have to. Their platform s based on efficient encryption technology and SSL.

After registration, your first loan would be made available to you in 5 minutes flat! That alone makes it one of the best student loan app for students who quick loans as fast as they can get it.


Fairmoney App

If you’ve got a student loan need, or are out looking for a business loan with most minimum rate you can get, Fairmoney would do just fine.

Another advantage you is the amount that is available to you on your first ever loan application with them. You can literally get up to N40,000 in loan after you register and apply for the first time; that is more than a lot of similar loan apps

Like I have mentioned, the collateral requirement is practically non-existent, and repayment period is set to within 15 days and a month. This is flexible, especially for salary earners.

To download their app, you need to head on over to their website and get on with the registration.


QuickCheck is a startup fintech company that is offering loan in a more comprehensive way. It was created for the purpose providing financial services to people who otherwise don’t have access to banks.

They employ the use of Machine Learning to keep track of user behaviour and infer loan prediction and recommendation from it. Other than that, their loan is quite flexible, availing up to N30,000 for first timers. You can visit them and download the app on


This one’s for those whom want quick loans in Lagos in particular; medium and small businesses can get it, and – get this – it doesn’t require any credit information.

The interest rates are incredibly small too – 0.4 to 0.8% daily, which shouldn’t do anyone any harm. You can reach them on


Ever heard of CreditVille? It is of course one of the apps for quick loan in Nigeria, as well as one of the online loan apps in Nigeria.

CreditVille - Quick Loan in Nigeria

The ultimate selling point of CreditVille is that it offers business loans, car lease loans, and salary loans. This means that you can have access to up to N250,000 in loan, and you have the option to repay it over one year.

Conclusion on Quick Online Loan Apps

Loan apps in Nigeria are quite convenient for a wide range of use such as personal, student and personal loans. It even takes things further by requiring little or no collateral at all.

However, it is not all up and up with these mobile loan apps; there are peculiar limitations to each and every of those apps, and you have to read between the lines at every point in time.

For example, some of these apps do not have flexible repayment schedules, while others have exponential interest rates from the moment you default.

The best recommendation is that you go from the cheapest loan apps and upgrade when it is absolutely necessary; other than that, you can go for whichever loan app you wish, provided you read & agree to their terms and conditions.



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