Online Loan Websites To Get Urgent Loan in Nigeria Without Collateral

A lot of people want loans for their business, personal or other obligations; and even when they are not applying for a loan, they would like to have online loan websites they could run to “when push comes to shove”.

While there are Online Loan Apps That Will Give You Quick Loan in Nigeria, you don’t necessarily have to download apps all the time. This is especially true for those whom don’t use their phones to access the internet; besides, the website is the more “get up and go” solution if that’s your thing.

I would be listing some of the best online loan websites in Nigeria and globally, for you to see just how much loan application has been made easier in these modern times.


Renmoney - Best Online Loan Websites in Nigeria

With their current adverts they have on TV and social media (which I think is trendy, by the way), you probably must have heard of Renmoney, and I’m here to tell you that they’re legit one of the best online loan website you can find.

They give up to N4 million worth of loans for things ranging from tuition to a hire purchase. Their repayment policies also allows for you to repay the loan over 12 months; the interest rate is also manageable (a lot less than what you’d get in some banks), hovering around 4% and 4½% a month.

The registration process is a straightforward one too; first they ask for your BVN, Bank Statement, and a Valid National ID card. Then, they process your loan application and get it approved quickly. Check them out at

Fint Loan

Fint - Personal Online Loan Websites

Fint Loan has you covered if what you’re looking for is online loans in Nigeria. It is actually regarded as the platform “where lenders meet borrowers”.

They have the Fint Risk Assessment, which is a way for them to ascertain your eligibility for the loan you apply for, and that would cost you N3,000

The loan themselves are within the range of N60,000 and N2 million, and you can repay on a fixed term basis in 3 months, half-year, or yearly basis. The interest rates are comfortably low too – 2% for every month.

All of these make Fint loan a good option to turn to when you need quick loans without collateral in Nigeria.

Visit for more information.


This one is a platform said to be created through “partnership between banks, mobile operators and technology companies”, and of course, they offer online loans in Nigeria.

Fun fact, their site currently ranks the 9,113th website in Nigeria (make with that what you will, number crunchers).

You could get up to N500,000 in collateral-free loans in just 60 seconds; the interest rate is bit on the high side though (peaking at 15%), but consider that there are no elaborate time wasting modalities, so that might just a tiny little tradeoff.

Their website is


Zedvance - Emergency Loan Website

Group loans, travel loans and personal loans are offered by Zedvance. Their loans can be as high as N3 million with a mouth-watering interest rate of just 4½% monthly.

There is a huge caveat to Zedvance though; they only avail loans to salary earners. I think their name has given them away a bit by implying they only “advance” loan for steady income earners. They can be visited on to find out more about what they do.


Quick Loan

If you wish to have a “bank in your pocket” (what a tagline!), QuickCheck is the way to go. They basically offer loan services to people whom are underserved by other financial institutions, which makes easily one of the best sites to have for quick loans in Lagos.

That site is , thus, do visit.

C24Get Quick Online Loan Websites Without Collateral In Nigeria

Loan Without Collateral

Credit24 (or C24 for short) is also available as an online loan website whenever you need something like that.

Their maximum loan is N2 million, which should be perfect for all but large scale investments; and their repayment policy allows the loan to be repaid over 9 months with a very low interest rate.

Their site is for more information.

Conclusion on Online Loan Websites To Get Urgent Loan in Nigeria

With the advent of the internet, practically everything has been made easier. To have access to a loan in the past, the modalities are just too tedious.

Now, even getting a loan is so fast and convenient (one loan site even tries to be a “bank in your pocket”!), which is a really welcome idea.

You can now have as many loan apps as you want, and get loans in much lesser time than the banks would afford you.

However, you have to read between the lines at every point in time. Based on the principle that there’s no free lunch anywhere, you don’t just expect that you’ll be a soft loan; there are terma and conditions, which I advise that you read comprehensively before applying for a loan on an online loan website.

It is always advisable that you go from the cheapest loan packages and then upgrade when it is absolutely necessary.


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