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There are a number of reasons a promotion for your business would be a huge boost, and finding a good advert deal could take time and strategy; luckily, could take off that stress for you.

We are inviting you to a number of advertising offers and opportunities we have right now:

Sponsored Blog Posts

  • A sponsored post (submitted by a client) costs N32,000 (~$100) for lifetime
  • A sponsored post (written by us) costs N50,000 (~$150) for lifetime
  • A sponsored review (submitted by client) costs N30,000 (~$100) for lifetime
  • A sponsored review (written by us) costs N60,000 (~$200) for lifetime

Banner Ads (Based on duration)

  • A 300 x 250 banner ad costs N18,000 (~$60) per week.
  • A 300 x 600 banner ad costs N32,000 (~$100) per week.
  • A 728 x 90 banner ad costs N50,000 (~$150) per week.
  • A full background banner ad costs N150,000 (~$500) per week.
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Banner Ads (Based on Impression)

  • A 300 x 250 banner ad costs N800 (~$2.50) for every 1,000 impressions
  • A 300 x 600 banner ad costs N1,300 (~$4) for 1,000 impressions.
  • A 728 x 90 banner ad costs N1,800 (~$6) for every 1,000 impressions.


We reserve the right to make changes to our advertising rate at any time going forward. We accept ads from across a wide range of businesses and startups that we consider to appeal and add value to our audience.

We can also promote all sponsored posts through our social media channels, and share these posts to our email subscribers.

Once you want to order for a sponsored post on our site, contact us via and we’ll have a staff promptly engage you

Banner ads based on impressions can only be purchased from a minimum of 5,000 impressions. We also can’t the duration an impression-based banner ad will run, and definitely can’t spread the impressions over a period of time.

Call +2348161397400

Email –


Your post gets published according to standard FTC guidelines and in the sponsored category.

As a bonus, we won’t just publish your post, it will be search engine optimized and that’s one thing we’re really good at that.

Posts don’t get trashed, so you can be sure that the post would on our site for at least 2 months.

Once we’ve received your payment, work starts on your post and it will go live within 12 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Advertise With US

Q: Who writes the post?

A: The draft of the Sponsored Post could either be written from scratch by our writers for a fee, or submitted by the advertiser themselves and edited by our team.

Q: How long does the sponsored post stay on the site?

A: The post and links are guaranteed for 2 months. In actuality, the post will remain permanently, as we don’t trash old posts, but we can only guarantee 2 months minimum time.

Q: Is the post featured on the homepage for a certain amount of time?

A: It depends on how much content that’s being published on Depending of the type of post, it might be on the homepage for a few days at a time.

Q: Are there companies that you don’t accept Sponsored Posts from?

A: We look for advertisers that are relevant and interesting to our readers, thus if we feel the contents from a particular company aren’t in alignment with, then we won’t accept the Sponsored Post offer.

Q: How many page views will my Sponsored Post get?

A: The amount of pageviews is dependent on arbitrary factors such as the type of post, and the traffic is receiving at that point in time.

Q: Can I buy a text link on your site or sponsor an existing page?

A: Yes. But only for related existing content and this costs $100.

Q: Do you offer a discount if I buy multiple Sponsored Posts?

A: Yes, we’re sure to give you a discount of up to 15% if you order 2 posts at once.